Pine Hill has become a place of community pride and interest:


1. Arboretum within village limits- We have many "heritage" trees throughout the cemetery

2. Out of town visitors- Brought to Pine Hill as a highlight of unique places in the area

3. The Future- The Board over the past few years has opened a new section for future expansion. The area was designed and layed out by a professional cemetery landscape company.

4. Friends of Pine Hill- A small group of local and out of town former residents- interested in preserving and enhancing Pine Hill as a "Showcase"

The Board of Trustees invites YOU to become a Friend of Pine Hill. The formation of this group is in its initial stages with no formal structure or obligation. We are looking for people who recognize the uniqueness, beauty, and significance to families and our "community".

Please consider joining in this meaningful effort and provide us with your contact information.

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Gowanda Pine Hill Cemetery- Site designed and created by Quentin Jarzynski