Cemetery Services

The cost of a burial in the cemetery requires ownership of a grave site and the cost of interment.



 Conventional grave site                                                                    $600

Within a conventional grave site either one conventional burial OR one conventional burial and one cremated remains may be accommodated. ​


 Cremation grave site                                                                         $300

A cremation grave site will accommodate up to two urns. Please review

  interment cost options listed below.


For purchases or information, contact Jack or Susan Torrance at 716-532-0728

Additional Charges:



Charges MAY be added for extenuating circumstances such as, but not limited to, snow removal or penetration of frost based on the additional costs to the cemetery pursuant to Section 1509(d) of the not-for-profit corporation law.


 The funeral homes and monument suppliers are responsible for the headstones, the foundations, and any updates at the gravesite installation. The cemetery sexton must identify and approve sizing and correct positioning of foundations prior to any installation.


These rates have been reviewed and approved by the Division of Cemeteries, Cemetery Board for the State of New York.


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